Information Technology Enabled Services

ITES, Information Technology Enabled Service, is defined as outsourcing of processes that can be enabled with information
technology and covers diverse areas like finance, HR, administration, health care, telecommunication, manufacturing etc.

Services we offer


Application development is the process of designing, building, and implementing software applications. We have a dedicated team highly qualified in organising software development process until completion. We build high-performance web, mobile, collaboration, and business intelligence solutions for our clients using modern tools and techniques for all platforms, across both IT and Non-IT industry sectors.


We provide Medical Transcription Services to hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, physician practices, and healthcare institutions. Our team comprises some of the most talented and skilled medical transcriptionists who can provide quality and error-free transcriptions within a quick time.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a software that brings together customer relationship management, accounting, core HR, and supply chain management features together in one streamlining all processes. Because of the complexity and number of features available through ERP software, it has been traditionally adopted by large enterprise corporations, but now ERP software ihas proven to beuseful even for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).


It is collection and manipulation of items of data to produce meaningful information. It includes validation,sorting, summarization, aggregation,analysis, reporting, and classification of data collected in order to create information that will act as an asset to the organization.


Document processing involves the conversion of typed and handwritten text on paper-based & electronic documents into electronic information using one of, or a combination of, intelligent character recognition, optical character recognition procedures.


A data warehouse is a database designed for data analysis instead of standard transactional processing. A data warehouse acts as a conduit between operational data stores and supports analytics on the composite data.


We provide all clients access to our 24×7 Help Desk Services, manned by a team of trained experts. Help Desk Services are essential components of efficient IT operations and accurate recording and processing of end-user service requests in an effective manner is critical. Our Service Desk agents have the talent, knowledge and experience to assist users with any IT related issues and help them to resolve issues rapidly and accurately. Clients can call our toll free helpdesk support number at any time and be immediately connected to a trained professional ready and waiting to take their call.


Telecommunications services provided by us offer voice and data services over a large area. The most common form of telecommunications service offered is phone service, which is done on either a wired or wireless standard. Other services may include Internet, television, and networking for businesses and homes.

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Why us?

  • Lower operational cost
  • Predictable cost model
  • 24x7x365 management support
  • Guaranteed services backed by SLA
  • Business metrics dashboard
  • Structured delivery
  • Delivery excellence and operational transparency
  • We Promise
  1. To work in close coordination with our clients for their requirements.
  2. To provide value added expertise during and after every assignment.
  3. To execute each and every assignment diligently and with integrity.
  4. To adhere to the strict norms of the client’s work culture and their code of ethics


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