Resource Consulting


  • We maintain work ethics and confidentiality at all times.

  • Aggressive turn around time on tasks with , accuracy and quality of work .

  • Devoted, highly qualified, experienced and trained staff.

  • “Yes attitude”. You need it, we provide it.

  • Collaborative work culture which emphasizes on Teamwork across time zones.

  • Experienced management team with combined over 20 years in US recruitment process.

  • We provide you a wider range of qualified active and passive candidates using web2.0 social network and other open sources.

  • Result-oriented, productive work.

  • Well equipped infrastructure which supports uninterrupted work.

Unleash management and executive time and give the organization the freedom to focus on strategic organizational issues.

  • Accountability: We have a clear and transparent structure and strategy that allows and encourages individual and collective responsibility. We take ownership of a situation and take the appropriate actions to ensure a positive and timely resolution.

  • Delivering Value: We consistently deliver high quality and cost effective services that exceed expectations. We have the ability to recognize our clients' best definition of success by delivering an unparalleled service.

  • Innovation: We deliver original, creative and thought- provoking solutions. We are willing to try new ideas and differentiate ourselves from our competitors through our imaginative and tailored services

  •  Knowledge: We understand the ever-changing demands and influences within our industry and continually review the resources, experience and expertise within our business to deliver a comprehensive and customer focused service.

  • Quality: We ensure adherence to David RPO project execution processes by allocating at least one team member (team leader) who is well versed and trained in RPO business processes and has undergone a complete project lifecycle using these processes. Project documents and profiles sent are peer-reviewed and/or reviewed/approved by project manager before delivery to verify deliverable quality.

  • Speed: We strongly believe in leveraging our technology expertise to provide HR solutions to reduce overall operations costs and increase return on investment (ROI) for our customers.


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